school visits

YES!  I love to do school visits for elementary age kids.

My fee for a day is $800 (plus travel costs if outside of the Twin Cities Metro).

This includes up to 3, or at most 4 presentations per day.  I prefer to present to single classes (under 30 kids) for about 45 minutes.  I am willing to speak to larger groups as well, under 90 kids. The best fit for my talk is Kindergarten-1st-2nd grade.

My program generally includes:

  • a reading of Rhoda’s Rock Hunt and/or Ten Beautiful Things
  • a book talk about writing from nature and the picture book process
  • activities related to setting and sensory language and/or looking for beautiful things in the world around us
  • and Q&A

book presentations


For small groups, I can bring along rocks and talk about how agates are formed. If your first-grade class will be studying rocks (like all first grades in Minnesota!), my Rhoda’s Rock Hunt talk is a wonderful jumping-off point for that unit!


If you are studying mindfulness or SEL topics/emotional regulation, Ten Beautiful Things addresses those areas (strategies for coping with change and sadness or worry). If your class is able to take a nature walk with me, and journal or sketch what we find, I can spend a longer portion of the day with you to make that possible.


If you’d like a Loon Baby school visit or storytime, let me know. Students studying birds or our region’s wildlife/ecosystems will enjoy hearing about the process behind that book, and learning loon facts in fun and engaging ways. Please be aware that Loon Baby is out of print — it is available in ebook format, and through used books retailers.


My School Sidekicks beginning readers lend themselves to book talks about being a writer, getting ideas for stories from all around you, the revision process, and more.

Contact me if I’d be a good fit for your school!