critique work

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through the loft

Invest in your writing; invest in yourself!

Quick, professional critiques focused on giving constructive feedback to writers of all experience levels.

I am now doing picture book critiques through the Loft Literary Center’s Manuscript Critique and Coaching program. More information and sign up here.

independent critiques

I do independent critique work on all kinds of writing–picture books, novels, cover letters, nonfiction, poetry, and essays. Please contact me to discuss your project before sending. Generally, I work for an hourly fee of $50/hr and can provide you with a time estimate via email (picture books under 1,000 words generally take 2 hours). All critiques include in-depth editorial letters and thorough line-editing of your work, and all critiques can be done electronically.

Typically you will be asked to send:
  • An email briefly describing yourself as a writer and your goals for the piece.
  • A properly formatted manuscript in Word (double spaced, 12pt readable font, numbered pages, contact information and word count on page 1). No artwork please.
  • Payment (see next tab for payment details)
Payment Details:

I work for an hourly fee of $50/hr and can provide you with a time estimate via email. PayPal button is below, or I also take Venmo at @mollybethgriffin. If you would prefer to mail me a check, please ask for my address.



*note: PayPal will call it a donation, but this is only so you are able to enter your amount manually.  Use this button for independent critiques and distance learning classes NOT processed through the Loft.  If you are receiving critique/coaching through the Loft’s Manuscript Critique and Coaching program, you will pay through the Loft’s website.

I will email you upon receiving your manuscript and payment to let you know they arrived safely. Then, within 1-2 weeks, I will send you:
  • An editorial letter giving my general response to your story—its strengths, and the major areas in which it could grow.
  • Your line-edited manuscript, marked with comments using Track Changes indicating specific places where your writing is at its best, and suggesting changes in places where the text could be stronger.
  • I may also suggest published books that you could study to help you with your piece, or writing craft books that might have useful information for you.