What people are saying about Molly’s classes and critiques…

“Thank you so much for the excellent critique of [my picture book manuscript].  You had so many great suggestions on ways to improve it. It was well worth the fee, and I’m anxious to try revisions as well as anxious to send another manuscript! Thank you for using your “teaching” talents in addition to your writing talents!”  -Michelle, repeat critique service client

“Molly dug deep into my [novel] manuscript and helped me weed out slow-paced areas, parts lacking in tension and unnecessary descriptions or lines. But she also helped me see my MC’s emotional arc more clearly, helped me iron out the themes and get the plot working beautifully. I couldn’t be happier and I’m certain that when (positive thinking there!) this MS gets published it will be as a result of her comments.” -Franziska, critique service client

“I have had many critiques before, but none as personal and professional as Molly’s!  It was the turning point for a real understanding of my story. -Scott, critique service client & repeat Loft class student

“Molly has been a muse for me, helping me take my writing to the next level.” -Heidi, repeat critique service client & Loft class student

From anonymous evaluations of Loft classes:

“I felt like I had no direction and Molly was able to provide that for me.” -Loft class student

“Molly has stirred my senses!” -Loft class student

“I have just finished a new draft and am so grateful for what Molly’s class has done for my story!” -Loft class student