YES!  I love to do school visits for elementary age kids.

My fee for a day is $800 (plus travel costs if outside of the Twin Cities Metro).

This includes up to 3, or at most 4 presentations per day.  I prefer to present to single classes (under 30 kids) for about 45 minutes.  I am willing to speak to larger groups as well, under 90 kids.

The best fit for my talk is Kindergarten-1st-2nd grade.

My program generally includes:

  • a reading of Rhoda’s Rock Hunt
  • a book talk about writing from nature and the picture book process
  • activities related to setting and sensory language (large group and individual)
  • and Q&A.

For small groups, I can bring along rocks and talk about how agates are formed. If your first grade class will be studying rocks (like all first grades in Minnesota!), my talk is a wonderful jumping off point for that unit!

If you’d like a Loon Baby school visit or storytime, let me know. Students studying birds or our region’s wildlife/ecosystems will enjoy hearing about the process behind that book, and learning loon facts in fun and engaging ways.

My new School Sidekicks books lend themselves to book talks about being a writer, getting ideas for stories from all around you, the revision process, and more.

Contact me if I’d be a good fit for your school!

Saint Paul Academy school visit, 2016 Saint Paul Academy school visit, 2016